The Nordic Pharmaceutical Forum (NLF) was established in 2015, and is composed of the following countries: Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The flags of the nordic countries.

NLF consists of a steering group and working groups. The steering group is the forum’s highest authority. Read more about the organization of NLF here.


The background for the establishment of NLF was a number of common challenges across the Nordic countries:

–  Rising expenditure of medicines due to demographics, new treatment options and the development of new, innovative and expensive drugs

–  Increasing supply difficulties

–  Small markets as the Nordics have less opportunity for price pressure than large markets

–  Small markets as the Nordics have to work harder to stay attractive for industry than large markets

It was a common assessment across the procurement organizations in the Nordic countries that these challenges could be more easily met by cooperating.

The purpose of establishing NLF was therefore to create a framework and space for Nordic co-operation in the field of pharmaceuticals, and other areas related to the field of pharmaceuticals.

For the past seven years the focus of the collaboration has been knowledge sharing, to uncover opportunities and work towards common Nordic solutions within fields such as new pharmaceuticals, sustainability, horizon scanning, manufacturing and security of supply.

The collaboration in the Nordic Pharmaceutical Forum is based on voluntariness, consensus and shared responsibility.


It is the NLF’s ambition in 2025 to be: «Recognized Nordic collaboration, developing and delivering sustainable solutions to supply medicines to the public sector».


The purpose of this is to ensure timely access to the right pharmaceuticals to the right price for patients in the five Nordic countries – Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


Read more about our results here.


In 2023 we launched a strategy. Read about the strategy here.